About Terry

Since 2002 I have successfully trained many people including local police officers and posties from novices to those who just need to update their riding skills. All ages are catered for from the young 16 year old boy or girl with their first scooter / moped to the retired who have at long last acquired that Harley (or sports bike!!)People decide to learn to ride for many different reasons, some practical, fuel costs, work requirements etc some just for fun. There is nothing like getting up early on a beautiful morning for a ride up to the hills or to one of the small country towns we have surrounding our great city of Perth.I have been riding motorcycles for the past 30 years and have owned many bikes in this time including Honda Super dream, Yamaha XJR 1200 and 1300 and my current personal bike is a Honda CB 1300 .Like a lot of young men it was my first mode of transport as it was both exciting and a cheap way to get around , over the years I have ridden mainly for pleasure . In 2002 I decided to make my hobby my career a decision I have never regretted.

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